Eating Brown Slop For 30 Days: What I Learned

It has now been approximately 1 month since I started regularly (and primarily) consuming Soylent.

Results: reduced food costs by about 1/3, gained about 12 pounds (primarily muscle), all while only spending about 10 minute on average for food preparation per day, buying everything off Amazon, and no cleaning dishes whatsoever…score!

Soylent is the name for a “food replacement” substance that you can mix, usually to maximize the benefits of convenience, cost-effectiveness, preservability, and complete nutrition in a single (food-ish?) item.

In a nutshell, think of it as a couple different types of oils, protein powders, and supplement powders mixed together.

Here's that brown goop I love!

Here’s that brown goop I love!

Why I decided I needed Soylent

If you are a young, extremely active male it’s inevitable that you consume a TON of food. Personally, I only eat out at most once per week, because I hate not knowing the nutrient profile of what I’m eating, and of course there’s the expense.

I quite enjoy cooking, but it’s so difficult to maintain without spending tons of time doing it, not to mention cleanup.

I’ve been getting more and more extreme over the past year. From bulk cooking all the way to freezer cooking for an entire month (I made a freezer cooking guide – leave a comment and I would be happy to shoot you the PDF) it was ALL still taking way too much time and effort. Read more

Supercharge your Brain with these Nutrients

Here’s the reality when it comes to personal optimization: you need a special diet. We cannot eat like the average person does and function optimally. It is just not biologically possible. We can take one (both is better) of the following approaches: 1) Supplementation, and/or 2) Specific diet changes.


Here are the TOP 3 NUTRIENTS that you need to start beefing up your brain, fitness, and productivity right away. Read more