New Adventures, Getting Sick and Getting Acclimated

ANT INFESTATION. In my bed on my towels. Butthole ants…

Ordered my second of my weekly massages. I feel like such a douche getting these. I get them because my back kills me after day after day stooped over a laptop, but it still feels unnaturally indulgent for me, especially when I have to ask the staff here to order them – a service that while it only costs 10 bucks, is still two days pay for them.

It’s the same feeling I had in first class, or when I’m at some kind of dinner ceremony event with 17 forks – I just feel reeeeally out of place even as I enjoy it.

Starting to feel comfortable negotiating cab fairs, and finding where to buy what I’m looking for in town (very difficult sometimes). Getting contact solution was a b&@# and took like two trips into town lol.
In other news just found a gym that is 1 dollar per day or 3 per week, and got a bottle of rum for two bucks. An entire shopping trip cost me like 25 bucks total, splurging.

Oh and tropical fever is totally a thing. I think that’s why summer flings happen and not winter flings.

You know in a lot of ways I’m surprised this business I’m working for has succeeded. There’s no road to the resort (it’s being fixed) there’s no parking lot, and you have to take a bus then boat, then tricycle taxi to get here lol. AND it’s in a relatively rural area. Kind of a mystery.

It’s amazing the opportunities that come your way when you are just genuinely nice and sociable. I have a free place to stay when I’m visiting another city this week, I just got invited to several other places as well. I feel like I could travel half this country and already know someone.

No soap in the medical center…and the toilet doesn’t flush…LOL

Although their medical system doesn’t exactly rock – most stuff doesn’t need an RX and when I needed one, it took me only 10 bucks and 20 minutes to get RX written and filled and most of that was walking to dr office. Instead of like 2 hours sitting in an office and 25 dollars in the us for the exact same thing!

50 cent halo halo – hell yeah 🙂

Sleepy day. I’m too relaxed here. I don’t feel productive so I naturally fight with myself to get more done. Maybe it’s because I drink less caffeine. Still trying to decide whether fighting or enjoying the relaxation is the right way to go. Maybe I should just make sure I do one big thing each day and stop sweating the small stuff.

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