Successful Course Project Gameplan

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Plan made by Monetize Your Expertise

Good news! Your course project has been determined to be “probably successful”.

It sounds you like are well prepared for most important factors for this project. Want help with your project? Learn how my team and I can build a done-for-you online course by booking a call with me.

Let’s break it down. At this point…

You’ve got a clear idea on many aspects of your course project. Here is a checklist of other things you might want to start thinking about:

  • Starting planning out your course project ASAP to make sure it stays on track and doesn’t fall behind. Most people don’t have a clear project plan / timeline, and end up 3-6 months behind on their launch. Here is a screenshot of one of the trackers we use to help things stay on track. (Feel free to swipe it)

Screen Shot 2017 01 25 at 12.49.02 PM

  • Prepare a launch strategy
  • Validate and possibly pre-launch your course
    • View our case study of a real life client launch (using a course we built) and how he organized his course to be profitable before he even hired us to build it. This is a great follow-along to see a real life course launch in action that you can mimic.
  • Learn from my interview with Danny Iny about his 3 million dollar course launch

Want us to build your course, and maximize the success of your course project?

  • Email me at [email protected] (my personal email you can contact me at) with subject line “WORKING WITH YOU” – to make sure I easily see your email and can reply quickly – and including answers these three quick questions in your email:
    1. What specifically is your goal with your online course project? (What do you want to achieve?)
    2. Why do you want to work with me and my team on it?
    3. How do you think we can help you achieve your goal?
  • Then we can discuss how my team can build your course FOR you, so you get the best result possible while not getting bogged down in the details.
  • Have questions about our services? See our FAQ here.

Risky Online Course Project Gameplan

Click here to download a pretty PDF version of your Risky Project Gameplan

Plan made by Monetize Your Expertise

Your course project has been determined to be risky.

You probably scored low for some of the following factors:

1) You are incorrectly estimating important project factors, such as timeline, budget, etc. which makes you in danger of producing a low quality course. It’s common to dramatically underestimate how much effort, time, and resources projects will take, especially because you are an optimistic entrepreneur! We all do it 🙂

2) You may not have a lot of validation for your concept. For example, if you don’t really have a way to get the course in front of people, and it is your first time creating content on this topic, then releasing the course successfully can be a challenge.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t proceed, but it does mean you should probably spend additional time clarifying certain components of your project.

We are happy to get on a call to outline your entire course project with you. This is the best way to clarify your project, validate it, and maximize your chance of success with it. See #6 below.

Specific Suggestions

  1. Download this Course Validation Tracker and validate your idea before you continue with the project
  2. Listen to my interview with Keith Perhac, the marketer who helped Ramit Sethi launch the ultra successful “I Will Teach You To Be Rich”
  3. Hear what Conrad, the founder of Teachable, has to say about the future of online courses
  4. Learn a bit more about how to build great courses, and how to launch courses
  5. Have questions? (like which course tools to use, how much to charge, etc). I built out a list of FAQs you can see here. (It also includes more info about our services).
  6. Book a Course Project Outlining Deep Dive call with us. We will get on a 1.5 hour call with you, and outline your entire course with you.This is one of the most valuable things we do for clients on entire done-for-you course projects. We charge $500 for this, which is a deposit on a full course project if you’d like to continue with us.Either way, you will walk away with an outline of your entire course project, and crystal clarity on 1) whether a course project makes sense for you and 2) if it does, how exactly best to approach it for maximal success. We’ve found this kind of planning alone to help our clients get 10x their results.

Getting Better

Why do people become good at things? Because they stumble into a situation where they get strong positive reinforcement when they first try something giving them strong motivation to improve.

I suck at poetry, visual art, basketball and a lot of other things. And for all of those things I can specifically remember negative feedback when I first tried them. I was a little bit below average in these areas and got negative feedback, and so I never really improved at them.

I am really good at math, Salsa Dancing, and other random things. Why? Because I got strong positive feedback at the beginning and had certain fortunate opportunities. For example I find math a little bit intuitive, and so everyone always told me I was good at math while growing up. I also happen to go to a school which allowed me to take the highest level math us in my city which allowed me to progress faster. For Salsa Dancing I stumbled into a situation where I was a tiny bit above average at first and then got a ton of positive feedback which made me to improve.

Basically this can be summarized as the principles behind one study which shows a new learner is most motivated by positive feedback, and an experienced learners most motivated by negative feedback. If the timing of these two are switched, most people never tend to get anywhere.

Just read the story behind someone’s first experience with something that they are now world class at, and you’ll see it be consistent with this principle in almost all situations.