MYE 071: 5 Entrepreneur’s BIGGEST failures

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This week we have an inspiring episode with the hardest moments that great entrepreneurs had and overcame by looking at themselves and focusing on the things that needed to change from within first, how to cope with forever changing external situations, dealing with your first unhappy customer, and even actually losing millions by risking too much.

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business_10035680-032114Listen to this episode to find out:

  • David Anderson’s experience going from a big corporate job to waiting tables and living at his parent’s basement, couch surfing and wearing braces
  • The importance of powering through the tough times
  • An advice from Winston Churchill
  • Cody McKibben explaining “shiny object syndrome”
  • Keith Perhac’s definition of failure
  • Experiences with shifting conditions, long distance travel and workload
  • Ben Krueger failing to promote a podcast and dealing with his first unhappy customer
  • How to face the responsibilities you have with your client
  • Scott Oldford realizing it all comes back to yourself, and becoming more humble

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