MYE 066: 5 productivity tools and apps for focus and efficiency

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Efficient tools go along with the best practices of productivity and in this episode Grant shares great apps to help you get more of your time and be very productive, staying focused in the task at hand, taking healthier non-distractive breaks to stretch, using an online project management software to organise your tasks and subtasks, a different kind of sound wave you can use to improve focus, how his modern office works – they’re slackers! – and an awesome way to exchange information between your devices.

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Listen to this episode to find out:MYE 066 5 productivity tools and apps for focus and efficiency

  • How to stay focused instead of just block a lot of websites you might need to work
  • A great helper to remind you of taking those healthy breaks to rest your body
  • Grant’s opinion about the famous Asana project manager
  • A strange kind of sound that can make you focus better
  • A detailed description of how Grant works daily with his team and what tool he uses for that
  • The best way to share information with yourself, from phone to computer and back

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