MYE 076: 8X Your Course Launches with 80/20 Storyteller Marketing – Nate Smith

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Nate Smith went to college aspiring to be a jazz musician but got disillusioned with the reality of being an employee where you’re hoping for people to hire you, without much control of your life; so he took upon the internet to make his products, had a somewhat unimpressive launch but kept growing his email list, then used storytelling techniques and a method for super refining the next product he was building and that made it a lot more successful, with people buying despite his not-so-great copywriting and landing pages. In this episode he talks about his methods of defining a product, how important is storytelling for a friendly launch, going beyond email marketing and actually getting people to ask when is your product coming and the three types of person that you have to cater for in your email campaigns.

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  • How the best copywriting might not help you reach your audience
  • The differences between having a traditional music career and an online one
  • What’s it like to be waiting to get hired on one career
  • His mistakes on his first launch and what he learned from them
  • The pre-sale product validation email that he used the fine-tune his product
  • How a refined product pre-launch can help you overcome bad copy
  • How being extra personal is important and not available to big corporations
  • The ways a storytelling approach will make people yearn for your product
  • The three types of people you have to cater for in your email marketing
  • How well your audience’s language works on your copy

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