About Grant Weherley

Grant Weherley
“I help people build, launch, and scale online courses.”

Robert Scot

“Grant has a very sharp marketing sense, an excellent ear, and a remarkably warm, compassionate demeanor. As a marketing consultant, he is extraordinarily creative and energetic. Hire him and sleep better.”

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Daniel Lee

“From the personal angle, to the sound business advice, to motivation…[Grant is] a great kick in the butt to remind you what you’re capable of in life… 
You get a serious blueprint… and the rest is for you to seize your life and make it what you want.”

Daniel Lee

My Story

820689_10151479996501810_1094234601_oI love learning and building things. And the coolest thing about teaching and creating content (ie online courses) is you are constantly doing both!

When I started, I originally tried to build a product that would be sold through the healthcare industry. This business model was a total nightmare, but I was able to pivot that original project into my first online course, and I quickly found I was more passionate about the online learning model itself than I was about that particular topic or idea.

So I started building things.

Fast-forward a bit – I had started traveling the world while running my online course business. People started asking me to help them with THEIR courses. In fact, the first time someone asked me for help, it was in the form of “I like what you are doing. I want to do it too. Can I pay you to help me?”


I had found this MASSIVE opportunity to help people who are amazing experts in their industry spread their message to more people by leveraging my skills with building and marketing online courses.

Nowadays, I still build my own courses. But I also spend a lot of time working with experts in various industries to help them incorporate courses into their own business. I love this, because it allows me to 10x my impact. If you want to see a full list of what I am currently working on, I keep that updated here.

The people I work with:

                    1. Serious experts, speakers, authors or personal brands who want to dominate their course launches. If this is you, talk with me.
                    2. SaaS companies who want to leverage online training to prevent churn. Request consultation here.
                    3. If you are new to online courses, click here to become an expert in online courses in just 8 weeks

My Lifestyle Philosophy

11831763_10153522929926810_2570154707833865748_nI feel very blessed that my business allows me to help others while also giving me some really great opportunities, including…

    • Living abroad for 2 years (and counting)
    • Meeting and interviewing awesome people from all over the world, like here, here, and here.

If you want to hear an objective breakdown of what it is really like to travel and run a business, listen here.

Make sure to…

    • Watch my next webinar about online courses
    • Validate your online course idea with this tool
    • Learn the 24 tools experts use in their business here

Interested in getting in touch with me? You can do that here 🙂

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