MYE 055: The Amazon Sherpa, Brad DeGraw, Talks Private Labeling, Big Partnerships, And Leadership

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If Amazon can be a money-making machine, Grant’s guest Brad DeGraw surely knows how to operate it; starting with 100 dollars and making a thousand times that in the first year then scaling up to seven figures, Brad learned the downside of reselling and then started to go after his own brands, first with white labels then his own products. He also helps other people get their business running and shares the reasoning behind it, his amazing philosophy on hiring and how he wants his employees to make mistakes while keeping the company’s moral stances in focus… and on top of that, some pretty good relationship advice: accept the terms.

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  • The interesting reason why Brad started doing inventory sales with only 100 dollars
  • A big downside of reselling products that are not your brand
  • Brad’s three models of service: product, do-it-for-you and educational
  • Why it makes sense to help other people get their business going
  • How the people behind the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” brand got in touch with him
  • The fictitious people organisational chart methodology
  • How team members are the most important part of your business
  • His tips for creating a great job listing
  • The best way to make a mistake on the job: with the foot on the gas pedal!
  • The H-word H-bomb that will end a job interview on the spot
  • Why the founders must be better sellers than the employees
  • Lessons about our mental software from The Inevitable You

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