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Successful Course Project Gameplan

Click here to download a PDF version of this Project Gameplan Plan made by Monetize Your Expertise Good news! Your course project has been determined to be “probably successful”. It sounds you like are well prepared for most important factors for this project. Want help with your project? Learn how my team and I can […]

Risky Online Course Project Gameplan

Click here to download a pretty PDF version of your Risky Project Gameplan Plan made by Monetize Your Expertise Your course project has been determined to be “risky”. You probably scored low for some of the following factors: 1) You are incorrectly estimating important project factors, such as timeline, budget, etc. which makes you in […]

Getting Better

Why do people become good at things? Because they stumble into a situation where they get strong positive reinforcement when they first try something giving them strong motivation to improve. I suck at poetry, visual art, basketball and a lot of other things. And for all of those things I can specifically remember negative feedback […]

The Importance Of Feedback

FEEDBACK is one of the most important facets for any endeavor that requires creative thinking. Many creative types brainstorm with others to come up with the best ideas. Detectives and lawyers discuss aspects of their cases with their colleagues. Even Dr. House (remember him?) had a team of specialists to assist him.

It’s the same way for businesses owners and managers. If you’re engaged in an important creative task like writing a book, creating a video, or making an online course, feedback is also crucial.

3 Things You’re Doing Wrong When You’re Designing An Online Course

On the face of it, an online course seems like a perfectly ideal way to conduct business on the Internet. You can have students from literally anywhere on the planet. They can log in anytime they want, and they can learn at their own pace. But achieving the course’s objectives is only possible if you make sure that you design it correctly. If the design is not good, you end up with dissatisfied students which will be a terrible blow to your reputation.

MYE 081: How To Legally Pay Zero Taxes Even If You’re American – Stewart Patton

1Podcast-Template Stewart was a partner at one of the most prestigious Chicago law firms until the grind of always coming and going from home at night finally got to him and he opened his own practice, providing regular people with the same tax services that big corporations have at their disposal. He went against the “Tax Gurus” you find online by creating his own tax course where people can learn the different kinds of tax brackets there are, what are thebest countries to incorporate, what income means and much more.

MYE 080: How To Demonstrate Expertise and Why Sales = Success, with Tim Conley

1Podcast-TemplateTim Conley started during the dotcom era and failed at his own startup but then became a consultant on what NOT to do, then into copy and marketing writing to finally switch to organizing teams at companies and building their whole marketing strategy; in this episode he shares with us what are the main stages of business development and how he works for each of them, how the business owner mindset has to change so that growth doesn’t stagnate, the common problem of owners becoming bottlenecks and turn themselves into both arsonists and firefighters. Also, the big difference between writing a book over making a course, the two main ways to convey knowledge – if you’re a practitioner or a researcher – and how both are equally valid, and the fundamental social problem of selling.

MYE 079: Business Noob –> to Premium Marketing Provider in 6 Months Flat, with Scott Schneider

Scott saw his field of work as a chemical salesman declining and decided to become an SEO expert, bringing businesses to the top of Google’s search results; he started offering his services for free to get his feet on the door and to show customers what he was capable of, then mastered and wrote down SOPs to streamline and grow his business; in this episode he talks about automating his ventures, choosing your approach to get started with SEO (ignoring it was a big mistake for him), diving into the subject you want to master obsessively to get quicker results and increasing your own level on the market by getting in touch with leaders on your field and other extremely knowledgeable people.