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MYE 078: How He Became An Award-Winning Rockstar And Successful Entrepreneur – Chris Greenwood (aka Manafest)

1Podcast-TemplateLots of people want to have a music career but they don’t follow through very much… in this episode, Grant talks to Chris Greenwood, aka Manafest, about how he almost gave up when he was racking up debt to be able to play live, just before blowing up in Japan; how he crowdfunded a book and an album, how’s it like touring the World and being paid for your art while keeping the spirits up in a gruelling schedule and creating an online course career in the process. He tells us what’s the main thing you have to overcome when creating your courses, what would he have done differently in both his businesses and how important it is to enjoy the journey while you’re at it.

MYE 077: Teachable Co-Founder On Million Dollar Startups And The Future Of Online Courses – Conrad Wadowski

1Podcast-TemplateConrad had a job consulting startups on how to grow their user base – something he learned with his own financial app first and then turned into a consulting career. He created a course about growth hacking just to generate leads but as that course kept making money he was forced to pay attention to the course business, creating teachable.com and applying the same growth advice he was giving out into his own venture; in this episode he talks about why free courses from MIT might not be as good as a paid course, paying attention to what platforms you use to keep control of your content, the future of online learning and how it’s going to spread knowledge all over the World, and the best and worst practices for course creation, mistakes that people make and how you can avoid them.

MYE 076: 8X Your Course Launches with 80/20 Storyteller Marketing – Nate Smith

ep-076-80-20-storyteller-marketing-PL-2016-05-05aCR copyNate Smith went to college aspiring to be a jazz musician but got disillusioned with the reality of being an employee where you’re hoping for people to hire you, without much control of your life; so he took upon the internet to make his products, had a somewhat unimpressive launch but kept growing his email list, then used storytelling techniques and a method for super refining the next product he was building and that made it a lot more successful, with people buying despite his not-so-great copywriting and landing pages. In this episode he talks about his methods of defining a product, how important is storytelling for a friendly launch, going beyond email marketing and actually getting people to ask when is your product coming and the three types of person that you have to cater for in your email campaigns.

MYE 075: How To Maximize Your Health And Become A Top Performer, with Dr. Isaac Jones

1Podcast-TemplateDr. Jones graduated from medical school with a scholarship but ended up realising that most doctors don’t learn how to make people’s lives better in school; so instead he spent a lot of his time on functional medicine and wellness centres, where he learned to apply more holistic methods of dieting and examinations to optimise people’s health on a case-by-case basis, completely changing how his clients live and feel daily. He talks about the ways people get sick, what could be missing in your diet, nutrients of all kinds, and better living through re-education.

MYE 074: Discovering Your Brand Identity, “Busking” For $300/hr, And How To Sell Stray Cats with Gregory V. Diehl

1Podcast-TemplateBranding is something we don’t often think about, and in this episode branding expert Gregory Diehl explains why he thinks branding is similar to education, how to make more money with the same product, the importance of telling a story and letting your personality shine in your communications (and you should be interacting live with people), how to approach clients knowing the questions they are asking and his special cat exercise to get yourself used to doing a tough sell for people on the street while doing some good for an animal cause.

MYE 073: Starting a Business at Age 12 (Then Losing Everything) With Karl Kangur

Starting-a-Business-at-Age-12From the age of 12 Karl Kangur has been fascinated with search engine optimisation and how the internet works so he started helping other teenage bloggers with their rankings on Google, but as he grew he switched to a more long-term business strategy to focus on businesses that make a difference in other people’s lives, creating material specialising in monetised blogging while living the digital nomad lifestyle in Thailand.

MYE 071: 5 Entrepreneur’s BIGGEST failures

business_10035680-032114This week we have an inspiring episode with the hardest moments that great entrepreneurs had and overcame by looking at themselves and focusing on the things that needed to change from within first, how to cope with forever changing external situations, dealing with your first unhappy customer, and even actually losing millions by risking too much.

MYE 070: 5 Life Stories From 5 Awesome Entrepreneurs

ep70-5-life-stories-from-5-awesome-entrepreneurs2016-04-05acr_480This week we have a special episode looking back at the starting point of the careers of five great entrepreneurs that we’ve had on the show, getting some inspiration with success stories that maybe seemed like big leaps at the time, always involving some risk and uncertainties; what some people call luck is just opportunity meeting preparation.