MYE 078: How He Became An Award-Winning Rockstar And Successful Entrepreneur – Chris Greenwood (aka Manafest)

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Lots of people want to have a music career but they don’t follow through very much… in this episode, Grant talks to Chris Greenwood, aka Manafest, about how he almost gave up when he was racking up debt to be able to play live, just before blowing up in Japan; how he crowdfunded a book and an album, how’s it like touring the World and being paid for your art while keeping the spirits up in a gruelling schedule and creating an online course career in the process. He tells us what’s the main thing you have to overcome when creating your courses, what would he have done differently in both his businesses and how important it is to enjoy the journey while you’re at it.

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  • How you shouldn’t give up before all the cards have played out
  • Crowdfunding tips to not be too pushy or begging
  • How sharing the process of making your content is a crucial part of crowdfunding
  • The differences between crowdfunding a book versus an album
  • The differences between some crowdfunding platforms
  • How is it like to tour the World and what movie it resembles
  • What making courses is all about: helping people reach their goals
  • How it’s valuable to create courses about different things, like dog training
  • What’s the biggest thing you need to overcome to create your courses
  • The things that Chris would’ve done differently in his businesses
  • What’s the most risky thing you can do in your career

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