MYE 075: How To Maximize Your Health And Become A Top Performer, with Dr. Isaac Jones

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Dr. Jones graduated from medical school with a scholarship but ended up realising that most doctors don’t learn how to make people’s lives better in school; so instead he spent a lot of his time on functional medicine and wellness centres, where he learned to apply more holistic methods of dieting and examinations to optimise people’s health on a case-by-case basis, completely changing how his clients live and feel daily. He talks about the ways people get sick, what could be missing in your diet, nutrients of all kinds, and better living through re-education.

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  • How the current state of medicine stops people from getting a personalised consultation
  • Just how much medicine an average american in on
  • The new research that says a lot of chemicals in daily products are toxic
  • The most common mistake people are making with their health
  • What is the perfect diet, or does it even exist?
  • The two reasons why people get sick
  • How a chronic problem can be misdiagnosed many times before you get it right
  • Differences between the mediterranean, paleo and primal diets
  • A use-case study of someone who’s he treated to great effect

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