MYE 067: Being A Badass Writer And Forging Your Own Path with Karen Marston

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Karen Marston was supporting her nomadic lifestyle by working on bars and saving up money to travel, until the day she figured out that with an online business she could do that a lot more, so she started humbly writing SEO for low paying clients and gradually build up quite an empire by teaching other people to make money online writing about what they love instead of generic material; she’s got a great personality that shines through on her writing and makes her a record-breaking online tutor when it comes down to retention rates: people start their courses, actually participate and then finish.

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Listen to this episode to find out:MYE 067 Being A Badass Writer And Forging Your Own Path with Karen Marston

  • If you should do what you love or what brings business
  • Advices about following your gut instincts
  • Lessons Karen learned from her first courses launched
  • An unique way to structure your course with emails and PDFs, no video necessary
  • The impotence of building as you go, after people bought the idea
  • How her courses have one of the highest retention and interaction rates
  • Her experiences and insecurities with price hikes and discounts
  • What’s the main problem about people starting a writing business
  • Key characteristics of people that succeed
  • An easygoing morning routine

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