How To Create New Habits (And Watch Me Create One Live)

This is a test.To see how much I can furiously write within 20 minutes. (A habit of my friend and bestselling author, Mike Harrington).
The starting point: according to Grammarly I already type more weekly than 99% of it’s users, and that is without a habit of writing every morning.

3 Steps To Making A Great Online Course (And The 3 Mistakes That Will Stop You)

As the “online course guy”…I am a big fan out courses (obviously). I was never a fan of old-school traditional educational systems, so I think it is fantastic that education is becoming more open-source and flexible. And it’s a great income opportunity for anyone who wants to share their expertise with other people!
That being said…
It can be quite difficult.

How to Develop True Confidence

Often people perceive me as very “confident.” Over the past two years, I have frequently been on stage in front of large crowds (even once in my underwear), I flew across the globe with $300 in my bank account to start a business, I have chatted with world-famous entrepreneurs, and I’ve even been on television. I put myself out there over and over daily.

Budgets For 26 Travel Destinations From All Over The World

How much do you assumes it cost to travel the world? To live a month in world-class destinations in South America, Europe or Asia? Pick a number.
Chances are your number is WAY too high for most places!

New Workflow To 10x Your Productivity

Being in the zone is awesome. In fact, you are actually 500% more effective when you are in a state of flow. The difficulty? Very few people set themselves up to ever work in this state. Part of the reason is environmental, the subject of another day’s post, but the other necessary ingredient is a method of organization and a workflow that is conducive to frequently entering this state.

Salsa Dancing Performance in Chiang Mai, Thailand (Winning Performance of Mr. Tourism!)

Salsa Dancing Performance in Chiang Mai, Thailand (Winning Performance of Mr. Tourism!)
Use this link to see more great free videos about travel and business.
While in Chiang Mai I got approached to be in a pageant that included a talent competition. I chose Salsa and did a performance with a local dance instructor (who is awesome) and we won!

Traveling the World, Content Publishing, Thailand, and Udemy – Interview with Rob Cubbon

Today I sat down with Rob Cubbon to discuss his journey from an unexciting freelancer life in the UK to digital nomad who has built a large following through his blog, client work, and online courses.

Eating Insects in Koh Lanta, Thailand

Saw a boatload of tasty bugs in a food stall while driving along the road and figured I had to try some!
They had giant grasshoppers, beetles, crickets, larvae, cockroaches, and more! Part of the fun while traveling and being a digital nomad is trying new food and having new experiences. While they tasted a bit funky, this was fun if only for the novelty of it 🙂

30 lbs of Fruits and Vegetables for $9 – Chiang Mai, Thailand

I don’t have a kitchen at my apartment, so I decided to buy a blender and go to the local market in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The amount of local produce (freshly shipped from nearby farms) was insane! Prices are as low as 1/10 the price of produce in stores in the US, and everything is fresher.

Digital Nomad Interview with Natalie Jay – Seizing Business Opportunities while Traveling

I met up with Natalie Jay the other day to discuss her business. She has a fascinating story of having done many different kinds of things, and we also talk about the importance of recognizing an seizing opportunities that come your way. And above all else having belief in yourself to do these things.