Southeast Asia Travel Video – Thailand and Philippines

Southeast Asia can be an awesome place to travel for people looking to enjoy life while leveraging a favorable exchange rate, whether you like crazy parties or just relaxing in nature. This video is about some of the highlights of my past 6 months of travel, primarily in Thailand and the Philippines, including places like Chiang Mai, Krabi, Railay Beach, Puerto Galera, White Beach, Sabang City, and more.

[Experiment] Stopping Antidepressants After 10 Years

I have been on some one form of antidepressant (prescription, or herbal or nutritional) for about a decade now. It’s always been something that I’ve had mixed feelings about. On the one hand, I think we all agree some people just have some screwy neurochemistry, and the majority of my family has been on some kind of related drug at least at one point in their life, so it’s pretty clear there’s a genetic disposition. On the other hand, there is just something generally unappealing about having to rely on any particular substance, natural or man-made, in order to feel normal (read as not totally miserable). You should just be able to eat healthy, exercise, and “be happy” right??

New Book Launch: The Guide to Financial and Location Independence (Teaser!)

I am launching a new book this week! At this exact moment, it is not live, but it is coming soon and I wanted to give you the chance to read the first couple chapters!
Enjoy – and I welcome any and all feedback (positive or negative).
Keep an eye out for this on book being sold on this blog and on Amazon later this week!
P.S. Apologies – the formatting is kind of screwy adding this into a WordPress site.

My Experience Quitting Caffeine: How It Sucks But Why It’s Worth It

I have a love-hate relationship with caffeine. I love drinking big ass Starbucks coffees, but I’ve always felt the huge toll that it takes as well, often in the form of insane insomnia! I actually got my DNA tested which revealed that I have the gene to metabolize caffeine slowly – 4-6 hour half-life my ass!

Diversifying Income With Ebooks (The Lazy Man’s Way)

I’ve had a popular course on Udemy for some time, and recently was exploring ways to leverage it further. I did some research and decided turning it into a short ebook would be a fast and worthwhile project to test out. Here are my experiences:
Two primary frameworks for creating and marketing the ebook:

Moving to the Philippines

Note: I’m creating these posts by taking pictures and jotting quick random notes down on my iphone. I figure this will be the most interesting (if disjointed) way to go about this. Plus I will actually follow through with this blog (unlike the New Zealand one…oops). Also I should note that this is basically a stream of consciousness type deal, aka it’s probably going to be quite candid about many things.

Eating Brown Slop For 30 Days: What I Learned

It has now been approximately 1 month since I started regularly (and primarily) consuming Soylent.
Results: reduced food costs by about 1/3, gained about 12 pounds (primarily muscle), all while only spending about 10 minute on average for food preparation per day, buying everything off Amazon, and no cleaning dishes whatsoever…score!

Supercharge your Brain with these Nutrients

Here’s the reality when it comes to personal optimization: you need a special diet. We cannot eat like the average person does and function optimally. It is just not biologically possible. We can take one (both is better) of the following approaches: 1) Supplementation, and/or 2) Specific diet changes.

The Top 4 Fears and How They Control You

Warning – this will make you uncomfortable, at least I hope it does, because I’m calling you out (and myself, and everyone else). It’s a truth and a reminder that we all need from time to time…
You see there is a secret Boogeyman that has been following you around your entire life, hiding in the dark, and you are afraid of him. No really, you are. He resides in your head, and whispers your insecurities quietly in your ear, precisely at the moments when you most need the confidence to take bold action.

Willpower is Overrated

Humans are awesome, but we are also terribly flawed creatures in countless ways. And there is one particular thing which, while it directly correlates with success and personal, emotional, and career achievement, we universally suck at!
Willpower, and it’s overrated.