MYE 067: Being A Badass Writer And Forging Your Own Path with Karen Marston

MYE 067 Being A Badass Writer And Forging Your Own Path with Karen MarstonKaren Marston was supporting her nomadic lifestyle by working on bars and saving up money to travel, until the day she figured out that with an online business she could do that a lot more, so she started humbly writing SEO for low paying clients and gradually build up quite an empire by teaching other people to make money online writing about what they love instead of generic material; she’s got a great personality that shines through on her writing and makes her a record-breaking online tutor when it comes down to retention rates: people start their courses, actually participate and then finish.

MYE 066: 5 productivity tools and apps for focus and efficiency

MYE 066 5 productivity tools and apps for focus and efficiencyEfficient tools go along with the best practices of productivity and in this episode Grant shares great apps to help you get more of your time and be very productive, staying focused in the task at hand, taking healthier non-distractive breaks to stretch, using an online project management software to organise your tasks and subtasks, a different kind of sound wave you can use to improve focus, how his modern office works – they’re slackers! – and an awesome way to exchange information between your devices.

MYE 065: How To Build A (Course-Friendly) Website – 4 Tools and Resources

65There are many tools and resources online to build a website, the options can be overwhelming for people that are just getting started and need a course-friendly one; so in this episode Grant talks about the top four platforms and resources for you to make your course website, considering budget restrictions, tempting options and usability.

MYE 064: The 5 Ultimate Productivity Hacks

64There are many long term productivity hacks but there are also quick ones that you can implement in your routine right now, and that’s what Grants brings in this episode: tips to plan your day, to build energy shortcuts and work smarter, how to focus time on the most important things and also considering the ways your energy gets refilled, when to save it and when to go for the grind.

MYE 063: Super Easy Ways To Sell Online Courses (No Audience Required)

63 With so many tools, platforms and marketplaces around to get your course published, Grant goes a little bit into what are the differences between them and once you’ve made your content, how to pre-sell your course at a low risk, a simple technique to get people onboard, how partnerships can help you immensely to kickstart your audience and a great way to get your name around the web.

MYE 062: Nootropics, Tong-twisters – 4 Tools and Resources

62There’s a whole new category of mental supplements now called nootropics, claiming to make you smarter, have better memory and enhance your cognitive functions overall; in this episode Grant explains some of the different types, interesting facts and great resources to check out including websites for analysis and ordering, a great expert on the topic and a very deep, introspective exercise to analyse you own mental crutches.

MYE 061: Hiring And Building Your Team: 4 Tools And Resources

61Recently Grant had to increase his team by hiring three new people so he shares his experience and some tools and practices to do that effectively: thinking about the different kinds of third party help you can get, a recommendation to start hiring for the right reasons, considering your bottlenecks and finding someone to unlock them, and also be careful when hiring more than one person at the same time.

MYE 060: Sales And Partnerships: 4 Tools And Resources

Sales-partnership-2016-3-7aCR-60Tapping into a partner’s already built audience can be huge to grow your business, assuming the audiences are similar enough; in this episode Grant shares interesting resources to get you connected and into the industry that you wanna work with quickly and effectively.

MYE 059: Hustling And Discipline: 4 Tools And Resources

Hustling-Discipline2016-3-7aCR-59It’s particularly difficult for entrepreneurs to be a hustler when you have to, keeping focus and plowing through daily challenges as they come by. In this episode Grant shares a whole category of tools that Odysseus used to hear the Siren’s song without crashing into the rocks, the concept of inflicting some pain on yourself to keep at your goals, some classics of sales that can help you today and a cool exercise about focus on metrics that can revitalize your whole team.

MYE 058: Compassion and Happiness: 4 Tools and Resources

Compassion-Happiness2016-3-7aCR-58The more you’re happy, the more you have a growth mindset, the more you have better habits, the more effective you can do business and the more effectively you’re doing business the more fulfilled you’ll be if you’re doing the right kind of business for you; this week, Grant gives more tools and resources for you to live a happier, more fulfilled life every day while keeping balance and perspective.