MYE 057: Laser Focus And Not Sweating The Small Stuff: 4 Tools and Resources

Laser-Focus-Small-Stuff-2016-3-4aCR 57In a World of ever-present distractions, you got to stay focus to achieve greater goals so Grant shares some of his favourites in this episode: a software tool to find where your time is going, a new book recommendation to increase focus, a self-improvement specialist to follow online and one great daily exercise to help you to focus and delegate.

MYE 056: The Growth Mindset: 4 Tools and Resources

MYE56-The-Growth-Mindset-2016-3-3aCRThis week Grant is coming out every day with a new set of useful links and tips for you to check out; starting with the trait that’s common on every successful person he’s interviewed:  the growth mindset. You will know its definition and hear some quick tips and links to get on board with it; we would really appreciate feedback on this special week of episodes, if you like them, if they’re useful, better or worse, please let us know by emailing [email protected]

MYE 055: The Amazon Sherpa, Brad DeGraw, Talks Private Labeling, Big Partnerships, And Leadership

Amazon-Sherpa-2016-3-3aCRIf Amazon can be a money-making machine, Grant’s guest Brad DeGraw surely knows how to operate it; starting with 100 dollars and making a thousand times that in the first year then scaling up to seven figures, Brad learned the downside of reselling and then started to go after his own brands, first with white labels then his own products. He also helps other people get their business running and shares the reasoning behind it, his amazing philosophy on hiring and how he wants his employees to make mistakes while keeping the company’s moral stances in focus… and on top of that, some pretty good relationship advice: accept the terms.

The Key To Building A Raving Fanbase

What’s the #1 biggest obstacle in building fanbase around your company or your vision? It’s not that there aren’t enough people out there who love what you do. It’s not that everyone out there “just doesn’t get it.”

MYE 054: Why You Should Call Your Customers

12799_MYE054_022716Everybody loves to talk about the latest marketing technologies and strategies, so oftentimes the phone gets overlooked. In this episode, Grant gives good arguments for this older mean of communication and how it can help you grow your business and close a few more sales faster than other strategies. In a phone call, the path to customer trust is a lot quicker and you can take advantage of that, as long as you observe the right time to do it and how much of your time and effort to put into it so that it’s worth the money.

MYE 053: Conquering Overwhelm: Strategies Dealing With Anxieties And Fears

12799_MYE053_022716It’s a tough day, it’s a tough life… no amount of money will completely eliminate stress for you, as it’s commonly known “more money more problems” so this week Grant talks about the ways to ease stress, avoiding stimulants for a while, taking more soothing supplements, eating super healthy instead of indulging in sugary treats, releasing guilt and labelling emotions, questions to ask yourself in stressful moments, laughing about yourself while remembering that the universe is infinite and smear campaigns can only last for about a year.

MYE 052: The Enjoyment Threshold: The Frustration Of Learning New Skills

12799_MYE052_022716A hard time learning how to surf makes Grant think about the initial pain of learning anything and how the enjoyment you take out of performing an activity depends drastically on your skill level at it, so he defines the enjoyment threshold, how it varies depending on the activity you’re undertaking, what’s the critical component to get over it, what’s the teacher’s role in getting someone past it and how you shouldn’t forget what it was like to be a beginner, always remembering to take care of the emotional side of the learning experience for yourself and your customers.

MYE 051: The Competitive Advantage Of Being Emotionally Vulnerable

12799_MYE051_021716Being emotionally “out there” can be tricky, and in this episode Grant talks about the way he has dealt with it, how it can be advantageous to your business, the feedback that being completely honest brings to the table, how asking yourself a simple grandma question can help decide if it’s appropriate to publish some content, how creating some controversy can help you develop some tick skin and polarise your audience so the haters go away and the lovers become even bigger fans, growing the trust bond between you and your audience, plus three great techniques to use vulnerability to better your business.

MYE 050: Risk Intolerance, Monkey Bites, And Why You’re Irrational

12799_MYE050_021716While his latest travels take him to Bali, Grant ends up at the monkey forest where, unsurprisingly, he meets a few monkeys and learns a few lessons about inter-species relationships (hint: not everyone likes too much eye contact); then a visit to the doctor is in order and becomes a mathematical life or death situation where a statistically minuscule chance of getting rabies is rationally comprehended but emotionally adverted when Grant doesn’t feel like dying; a few days later the drama continues and becomes a sunken cost problem, when perhaps it would be better to let go of the losses and just not care about the subsequent rounds of shots, but the whole “not wanting to die” thing persists. Grant is still alive, podcasting about rational and emotional decisions, sunken costs and how those emotions come to play in your business decisions.

MYE 049: Consistency, The Expert’s Fallacy, And The REAL Formula For Success

12799_MYE049_021716It’s not just about teaching efficiently, a lot depends on the mindset and resources of your listeners. In this episode, Grant talks about how some online businesses seem sketchy – specially info products with their exaggerated marketing promises; how the expert fallacy makes people fail to account for another person’s resources, contacts and invested time; how serendipity also happens a lot in every kind of business, so no strategy is a done deal. Also, increasing your luck surface area, how it’s important to understand that people trying your course will fail and how you as an expert should be giving them tools and making them understand that how they use them is a critical factor for success.