MYE 048: International Comedian & Entreperformer on Monetizing Creativity and Performing in a Second Language, with Jeremy Ginsburg

12799_MYE048_021716In this episode, Grant talks with Jeremy Ginsburg – a comic, writer, traveller, language learner, entreperformer and overall great guy about the different way that he manages to work online while appearing on vietnamese TV shows, doing standup comedy, writing and improving himself daily.

MYE 047: 12 Tools And Resources To Upgrade Your Business And Life

12799_MYE047_021716In this episode, Grant talks about a wide variety of tools and resources that you can use to market better, be more productive, and happier. To be world-class, you must use world-class tools. And the cool thing about THESE tools in particular is that most are under $10.

MYE 046: How To Travel For Free, with Traveling Dutchman Jasper Ribers

12799_MYE046_021716In this episode, Grant talks with Jasper Ribers about leaving your job to pursue something that makes you happy, how not to get started with a business online, finding a passion into travelling by leveraging an asset you already have, ways to change your perspective with travel and a personal challenge from Grant to all the listeners out there!

MYE 045: Outsource Yourself With A Project Manager

outsourceIn this episode Grant talks about being overwhelmed with too many tasks and a way to deal with it.

MYE 044: Eliademy Founder Talks Online Course Marketplaces, with Sotiris Makrygiannis

sotirisIn this episode, Grant talks with Eliademy founder Sotiris Makrygiannis about the history of his platform, the current marketplace and the future of online learning.

MYE 043: Reflecting on 2015: Progress Made and What’s Next

ReflectingIn this episode Grant talks about how the year went and what’s up next.

Reflecting on 2015: Progress Made and What’s Next in 2016

I have learned that without taking the time to reflect and learn from experiences, you miss out on a huge opportunity for growth, and also a chance to stop and appreciate the positive things that have happened. Here is my year in review, and what I plan for the next year.

MYE 042: Lead Funnel Formula With Scott Oldford

ScottOIn this episode, Grant interviews Scott Oldford, talking about how he rebuilt his business after a major setback and how he uses the SSF lead formula to get astonishing conversion rates.

MYE 041: How can I ethically market my business?

ethicalIn this episode Grant raises a question left in the open, give us feedback on what do you think!

MYE 040: How to Buy Your Own Island with Author Danny Flood

DannyFIn this episode, Grant interviews Danny Flood, talking about his books, his magazine project and adventuring through life.