MYE 031: Putting Your Audience First (and a 3 Million Dollar Launch) with Danny Iny

Danny InyIn this episode, Grant interviews Danny Iny, talking about the big challenge of being in large debt and coming out of it, rebranding an naming your business and successfully launching a book.

MYE 030: The Mechanics of Mastery (And Why We Give Up)

MYE 30In this episode Grant talks about what competency is, how to develop it, and obstacles to achieving it.

MYE 029: The Man Behind the Biggest Online Marketers – His Name Is Keith Perhac

Keith PerhacIn this episode, Grant interviews Keith Perhac, a multi-business entrepreneur and online marketing expert.

MYE 028: Using Contractors in your Business (BEFORE Hiring)

MYE 28In this episode Grant talks about hiring contractors to expand your team before you get a full time person.

MYE 027: Selling Businesses for 7 Figures with Thomas Smale

Thomas SmaleIn this episode, Grant interviews Thomas Smale, talking about how he built and has been growing a very successful business based on teamwork, systems and quality of service.

Hong Kong in 2 Minutes

So maybe this is the SUPER simplified version of my recent 3-day trip to Hong Kong, but it makes for a good video! Basically it comes down to funny tourist things, city life, night life, and bling!

MYE 026: How to Be A Beast at Amazon, Confidence, and Life! with David De Las Morenas

MYE023In this episode, Grant interviews David de Las Morenas, talking about how he managed to go from software developer to personal trainer to best selling author and podcast host.

MYE 025: Launch This Course! [Phase 3]

MYE25In this episode Grant continues the step by step process of developing his course.

MYE 024: Launch This Course! [Phase 2]

MYE24In this episode Grant continues developing his course, and talks about creating the modules that came out every week.