MYE 014: Course Creation Master Phil Ebiner on Making 6 Figures with Online Courses

MYE014 this episode, Grant interviews course creation master Phil Ebiner to talk about how to make 6 figures with online courses.

MYE 013: Why Mailchimp Sucks (and what to use instead)

MYE013In this episode, Grant talks about why the famous tool MailChimp is missing key features for marketing automatization and what you can use instead.

MYE 012: Best Practices of Online Courses with Udemy Bestseller Rob Cubbon

MYE012In this episode, Grant interviews Udemy Bestseller Rob Cubbon to talk about best practices to sell you online courses.

MYE 011: 5 Simple Questions to Decide if Online Courses are Right for Your Business

MYE011In this educational episode, Grant talks about 5 questions for you to decide if online courses can help grow your business.

Why The Law Of Attraction Is Bullshit (And What To Do Instead)

I live in Chiang Mai, Thailand at the moment, and there is a whole lot of meditation, yoga, alternative medicine, etc.
Some of that stuff is really great, but there is one massive, extremely dangerous misconception which needs to be rectified.

One Habit To Transform Your Life: Read One Book Per Week

Apologies for the cliché title, but if I made a list of things that I personally find transformative… learning, and especially reading, would be towards the top. It’s a true game-changer.
I have always been a voracious reader. In fact I remember how often I would get called a nerd in school by other kids for reading, or yelled at by teachers when I would get bored, stop listening, and pull out a book in class.

The Fallacy Of Storytelling – Important for your marketing, your autobiography, and everything in between

Lock and load! I have been keeping track of random ideas to write about in Evernote to pull from in the morning.
This prevents the need for innovation on the spot – very helpful!

Choose Your Beliefs

The past week since the last post I have been putting this time towards writing things directly related to certain projects (example: creating worksheets) but somehow this is an entirely different experience.
It’s not as creative, and definitely interferes with the habit. No more of that. 30 minutes of consistent blog post writing no matter what.

The Power of Anti-Modeling

Day 3 of New Writing Habit Technically this is day 4, but my previous day 3 got deleted! This is also a week later, as I fell off track due to life circumstances. 🙁 But no worries – I am happy to practice the art of getting back on track, which in many ways is […]

MYE 010: Bestselling Author Mike Harrington on Dominating Your Book Launch

MYE010In this episode, Grant chats with Mike Harrington, best selling co-author of Free your Fear.