Budgets For 26 Travel Destinations From All Over The World

Safari in Africa. Silhouette of wild animals reflection in water

How much do you assumes it cost to travel the world? To live a month in world-class destinations in South America, Europe or Asia? Pick a number.

Chances are your number is WAY too high for most places!

One Month Budgets For 26 Countries From All Over The World

Budgets for travel destinations all over the worldSource:Nomadlist.io

Does this blow your mind? Don’t worry, I used to have a drastically inflated perception of travel as well.

Some caveats: this is for a basic budget of temporary accommodation, food, etc. Two major expenses most people pay are 1) monthly bills that you don’t have as a world traveler, such as car payments and insurance, phone bills, utilites, expensive American healthcare, etc. And 2) booze. This might seem silly to include, but I could name a long list of people who spend more than an entire Chiang Mai budget ($641) per month JUST on alcohol.

Want to travel the world? Awesome! You can do it! Just cancel as many monthly bills as possible, and skip bar drinks for local liquor in 711’s (two shots in a bar are roughly the same cost as a whole bottle) and you are good to go.

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