MYE 068: How to build your online audience with Periscope – Kristian Cotta

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Kristian Cotta had a crazy “Wolf of Wall Street” experience during his 20s, where he managed to make a lot of money on real state but then doubled-down right before the crash and took years to recover, both financially and mentally. In this episode, he talks to Grant about the grit required to succed, how making one dollar requires the same skills to making a million, how to approach opportunity and the best ways to get started growing your audience on Periscope and reaching some of the best conversion rates available.

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Listen to this episode to find out:ep-068-How-to-build-your-online-audience-with-Periscope-2016-3-22aCR

  • Why Periscope is a great tool that’s here to stay, and falls into a whole new category of apps
  • How the urgency of a live interaction can benefit your content creation
  • The lessons Kristian learned from being at the top of the real state market when it crashed
  • How important it is to keep your grit and not forget where you came from
  • The problems of overanalysing opportunity and hesitating on decisions
  • How growing yourself first will bring more growth in other aspects, including business
  • How it’s a little backwards to try to connect to successful people after you’ve become successful first
  • The 3 keys required to establish yourself on Periscope
  • Common ideas that apply universally to every type of content

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