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“Whether you are looking to launch your first online business, or bring your current business to the next level…I can help”

Robert Scot

“Grant has a very sharp marketing sense, an excellent ear, and a remarkably warm, compassionate demeanor. As a marketing consultant, he is extraordinarily creative and energetic. Hire him and sleep better.”


Congratulations! You’ve decided to take things to the next level – to start your next business, to increase your monthly revenue, to solve that one problem you just can’t seem to wrap your mind around.

I’m Grant Weherley, author of the Amazon bestseller Break The System and a serial entrepreneur, and through this page I offer you the opportunity to break free of your current constraints to live a financially free life doing what you love.

Starting (and growing) a business is hard. I’m not here to tell you otherwise, but I am here to help! I’ve helped dozens of entrepreneurs launch new businesses and projects successfully… repurposing assets for a 1000% increase in revenue, generating a full-time income for a new business within its first week, and crafting custom execution plans to save my clients months of time… I want you to be the next success story. 

How I Can Help

People often reach out to me for help with….

  • Starting their first online business, sometimes even launching within 24 hours of the first session
  • Quickly growing their monthly revenue, and diversifying streams of income
  • Validating new business ideas quickly and with zero cost
  • Building systems to “automate” their business to facilitate freedom and travel
  • Becoming a “location independent” entrepreneur, and still being effective while traveling
Zam Tual

“A fantastic resource for the different types of business paths that are available to you if you want to become location independent. I started with WordPress web development and consultation when I first started because I honestly thought that this path was the only way towards a location independent business. I cannot recommend [Grant] highly enough.”

Zam Tual

How You Can Work With Me

Monthly Coaching Includes:

  • One orientation call for 1.5 hours to assess your exact needs, goals, and next steps
  • Weekly one-hour calls the rest of the month, incorporating specific action plans, accountability and dramatic progress
  • Free access to anyone within my network who can support you – I can offer connections in a wide variety of industries to help you take things to the next level. Connections are everything!
  • Unlimited email support. Send me questions anytime and I will do everything I can to help

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(If you are dissatisfied for any reason, you can get a 100% refund, no questions asked after the first session)

Daniel Lee

“From the personal angle, to the sound business advice, to motivation, this truly has it all if you’re just looking to enrich your life.

Forget traveling the world – are you satisfied with your life, or do you find yourself constantly thirsting for more? I think that’s a question that 99% of people would answer yes to. [Grant is] a great kick in the butt to remind you what you’re capable of in life… Is it easy? Maybe, maybe not. But did you expect it to be? If it was so easy, then everyone would be living their dream lives, and we know that’s not the case.

You get a serious blueprint… and the rest is for you to seize your life and make it what you want.”

Daniel Lee