MYE 058: Compassion and Happiness: 4 Tools and Resources

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The more you’re happy, the more you have a growth mindset, the more you have better habits, the more effective you can do business and the more effectively you’re doing business the more fulfilled you’ll be if you’re doing the right kind of business for you; this week, Grant gives more tools and resources for you to live a happier, more fulfilled life every day while keeping balance and perspective.

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  • How compassion, happiness and habits are connected to your business
  • An unlikely focus point to meditate on and be happier
  • How to be grateful every day with a simple phone app
  • A book from the happiest man alive that can help you achieving that state
  • The top-50 blog on the web that has a lot of great tidbits of happiness
  • How a lover, a hermit and a wolf see a beautiful woman and why that matters

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