MYE 051: The Competitive Advantage Of Being Emotionally Vulnerable

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Being emotionally “out there” can be tricky, and in this episode Grant talks about the way he has dealt with it, how it can be advantageous to your business, the feedback that being completely honest brings to the table, how asking yourself a simple grandma question can help decide if it’s appropriate to publish some content, how creating some controversy can help you develop some tick skin and polarise your audience so the haters go away and the lovers become even bigger fans, growing the trust bond between you and your audience, plus three great techniques to use vulnerability to better your business.

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  • How being real brings instant feedback
  • The grandmother test you can take yourself to evaluate what content to put out there
  • The consequences Grant faced when he talked about his Tinder usage in public
  • How putting your real thoughts is part of building trust with your audience
  • How being trustworthy and trusting others yourself are closely related concepts
  • 3 great techniques to use vulnerability for your business
  • How it’s good to reference previous failures
  • Getting feedback is a good strategy to consolidate your relationship with your customers
  • How admitting you don’t know everything can be fundamental

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