MYE 053: Conquering Overwhelm: Strategies Dealing With Anxieties And Fears

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It’s a tough day, it’s a tough life… no amount of money will completely eliminate stress for you, as it’s commonly known “more money more problems” so this week Grant talks about the ways to ease stress, avoiding stimulants for a while, taking more soothing supplements, eating super healthy instead of indulging in sugary treats, releasing guilt and labelling emotions, questions to ask yourself in stressful moments, laughing about yourself while remembering that the universe is infinite and smear campaigns can only last for about a year.

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  • How a stressful phase got Grant inspired to make this show
  • The two categories of freakouts
  • The problem of thinking stimulants will give you more energy to deal with the situation
  • The importance of sleep
  • Some basic supplements you can take
  • How getting a good workout is known to have stress-reducing effects
  • How to release guilt and slow down instead of speeding up
  • A way to engage your rational mindset to label emotions and ease them
  • A good question to ask yourself in dire moments
  • The concept of depending arising from Buddhism and how it can help you calm down
  • How to apply stoicism and also when not to
  • How laughing about yourself can be great to relief stress
  • How to have perspective over the vastness of the universe

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