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If you'd like to help using online courses to grow your business, schedule a 15 min consultation call with us and we'll be happy to help.

I'm Grant, "The Online Course Guy"

I've helped instructors reach hundreds of thousands of students. As the go-to guy if you want to launch or scale online courses, I can help you build and launch entire portfolios of courses or even 10x course earnings. If you'd like to learn more about how I can help you grow your business with online courses, get on a free 30 min consultation call with me and let's discuss that! 

Mike Harrington, Founder at Break Six Figures

"What can I say about Grant... He's an established authority on getting online courses off the ground and profitable. Work with Grant if you want to validate a course idea, and get an initial blue print for where to spend the bulk of your focus...results will follow."

Danny Iny, Last Course Launch: $3 Million 

"My mind is on fire with ideas after talking to Grant! Really exciting stuff. Everyone should talk to Grant about their courses."
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Janie Lim, Professional Product Design

"Grant is amazing! He helped me start a business from scratch. I had absolutely no idea how to begin or even what idea to work on before learning from him. I didn't see myself as an expert, and was worried this wouldn't work in my industry. I'm so glad I decided to move forward with this. It has been a fantastic experience!"

Logan Bean, Film Producer

RESULTS: Logan's course got a >1,000% increase in revenue through working with the Monetize Your Expertise Team
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