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1. The Guide to Financial and Location independence

A course created from my own experiences maintaining mobile businesses while traveling the world, in coordination with other seasoned entrepreneurs who share their words of wisdom in exclusive interviews. These guys normally charge up to $1,000/hour for their consulting.

You’ll learn…

  • The 6 most common mistakes with starting a business that you won’t hear anywhere else (learned the hard way!)
  • The sliding scale of business models (and how starting at the wrong point can waste years of your life)
  • How you can quit your job and become self-employed starting tomorrow (and how I would do it if I had to start over)
  • The 3 phases of entrepreneurship, and how mixing these up will cause you to fail
  • And a whole lot more

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The Guide to Financial and Location Independence


2. Master Your ADHD Brain and Increase Your Productivity – $19

Take this Udemy best-selling course and get the (also best-selling) ebook to accompany it, 100% free.

In this course you’ll learn the exact strategies that I used to go from being one of those problematic ADHD kids to being a serial entrepreneur who travels the world while running multiple companies and coaching CEOs, starting at the tender age of 22.

Learn the powerful habits and techniques for maintaining masterful focus and productivity. Always.

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Master Your ADHD Brain



3. How to Hustle – Sell Anything and Win at Everything – $19

“Grant brings up things that had never crossed my mind. I’ve already saved over $300 as a result of the techniques discussed in this course.” – Bryan

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How to Hustle Udemy Course