MYE 074: Discovering Your Brand Identity, “Busking” For $300/hr, And How To Sell Stray Cats with Gregory V. Diehl

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Branding is something we don’t often think about, and in this episode branding expert Gregory Diehl explains why he thinks branding is similar to education, how to make more money with the same product, the importance of telling a story and letting your personality shine in your communications (and you should be interacting live with people), how to approach clients knowing the questions they are asking and his special cat exercise to get yourself used to doing a tough sell for people on the street while doing some good for an animal cause.

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  • How branding is about teaching people that they need you
  • How working on your brand can make you earn more with the same product
  • How anything can be optimised, specially communications
  • When the story matters more than skill
  • What people usually miss during the sales process
  • The importance of answering the questions that clients are actually asking
  • Two key points to figure out how to get to a sale
  • What’s “street cat marketing” and how that helps Greg to keep his marketing skills sharp

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