MYE 052: The Enjoyment Threshold: The Frustration Of Learning New Skills

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A hard time learning how to surf makes Grant think about the initial pain of learning anything and how the enjoyment you take out of performing an activity depends drastically on your skill level at it, so he defines the enjoyment threshold, how it varies depending on the activity you’re undertaking, what’s the critical component to get over it, what’s the teacher’s role in getting someone past it and how you shouldn’t forget what it was like to be a beginner, always remembering to take care of the emotional side of the learning experience for yourself and your customers.

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  • How well did Grant do on surf lessons in Bali
  • What’s the enjoyment threshold
  • How the enjoyment threshold varies by activity
  • The critical component to get over this threshold
  • Why it’s important to understand this concept of the enjoyment threshold on a personal level
  • How to employ this concept on your business
  • How the “gamefication” of education plays with this concept
  • A way to think about yourself in the role of teacher and student to make your material better

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