MYE 049: Consistency, The Expert’s Fallacy, And The REAL Formula For Success

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It’s not just about teaching efficiently, a lot depends on the mindset and resources of your listeners. In this episode, Grant talks about how some online businesses seem sketchy – specially info products with their exaggerated marketing promises; how the expert fallacy makes people fail to account for another person’s resources, contacts and invested time; how serendipity also happens a lot in every kind of business, so no strategy is a done deal. Also, increasing your luck surface area, how it’s important to understand that people trying your course will fail and how you as an expert should be giving them tools and making them understand that how they use them is a critical factor for success.

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  • Why sometimes online products feel sketchy
  • How exaggerated marketing claims can be detrimental to your credibility
  • What’s the “expert’s fallacy”
  • Why even if you can teach someone 95% of what you know, the other 5% can make a big difference
  • Increasing your luck surface area
  • People who consume your material will fail, how you should approach this fact
  • Being an expert is about providing tools for your audience
  • The importance of doing one thing at a time, but how you can also do many things over a lifetime
  • “Here’s what you should have done by now” – a good marker for your content to be more efficient
  • A good way to figure out how many major projects you still have left to do

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