MYE 005: Goodbye Corporate, Hello Expert Status with Hugh Bayati

MYE 005 – Goodbye Corporate, Hello Expert Status with Hugh Bayati

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MYE005In this episode, Grant chats with Hugh Bayati,  a speaker and high performance coach helping his client excel in professionally and personally. MYE listeners get a free gift from Hugh. To claim yours, go to Success Energi.

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Listen to this episode to find out:

  • How Hugh transitioned from corporate life to personal development and coaching
  • What it means to find your passion and process to define it for your self
  • How Hugh transitioned himself to an expert in high performance
  • Where the confidence to be an expert comes from
  • The importance of authenticity and being yourself
  • The framework of failure
  • How the impacts of your childhood and family beliefs can impact your success
  • The importance of creating different formats of your content
  • How to deal with “haters”

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