MYE 056: The Growth Mindset: 4 Tools and Resources

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This week Grant is coming out every day with a new set of useful links and tips for you to check out; starting with the trait that’s common on every successful person he’s interviewed:  the growth mindset. You will know its definition and hear some quick tips and links to get on board with it; we would really appreciate feedback on this special week of episodes, if you like them, if they’re useful, better or worse, please let us know by emailing [email protected].

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Listen to this episode to find out:MYE56-The-Growth-Mindset-2016-3-3aCR

  • How the growth mindset is defined
  • A way of using spreadsheets for growth
  • More great book recommendations about the mindset you gotta be in
  • A friend that inspires Grant to greatness
  • One simple exercise to get you into the growth mindset

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