MYE 061: Hiring And Building Your Team: 4 Tools And Resources

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Recently Grant had to increase his team by hiring three new people so he shares his experience and some tools and practices to do that effectively: thinking about the different kinds of third party help you can get, a recommendation to start hiring for the right reasons, considering your bottlenecks and finding someone to unlock them, and also be careful when hiring more than one person at the same time.

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  • How needing to hire new people got Grant to use this as a theme
  • How one of the first episodes of this podcast can supplement the content for this one
  • Two great websites for hiring different types of professionals
  • A book that’ll change your mindset and make you hire for the right reasons
  • How you should think about your restrictions and consider hiring
  • How other people already on your team could become the new person you need
  • Another way of getting things done with productised services
  • Grant’s biggest mistake with his new hires

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