MYE 059: Hustling And Discipline: 4 Tools And Resources

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It’s particularly difficult for entrepreneurs to be a hustler when you have to, keeping focus and plowing through daily challenges as they come by. In this episode Grant shares a whole category of tools that Odysseus used to hear the Siren’s song without crashing into the rocks, the concept of inflicting some pain on yourself to keep at your goals, some classics of sales that can help you today and a cool exercise about focus on metrics that can revitalize your whole team.

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  • What self contracts are and how they can help you keep your self control
  • How to inflict yourself some pain if you don’t maintain your goals can help you carry on
  • A classic sales book that can be used for good
  • A cool entrepreneur with one of the best URLs in the business
  • An exercise to focus on the one metric that matters

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