Best Way to Start the Day: Invest in Yourself

[Day 2 of habit formation]

The number to beat: 676 (mostly coherent) words.

invest in yourself

I am not famous for my intricate planning of small details ahead of time, as I prefer to just dive straight into things (like this post). So one thing that I have spontaneously decided is that this will be a 21 day experiment.

That’s 21 days of writing 20 minutes per day.

21 days is usually thrown around as the rule of thumb for the formation of a new habit. Good enough for me!

Lately, I’ve been focusing intensely these kinds of systems in my business and routines in my life (can I call those life systems?). Many high performers discuss routines and habits and such that they have found beneficial to their productivity and peace of mind, however there is one subtle distinction that I have recently realized.

You have to like your routine.

This may sound exceedingly obvious, however what we WANT to do, and what we WISH that we would WANT to do are two very different things.

Many time I have created intricate habits and routines that immediately fell apart because they ended up being merely an uninspiring lists of things to do, before my actual list of things to do.

Instead, I have found that adding a productive treat to my mornings makes all the difference.

I still have a list of things to do as a routine, but at the end of it I give myself 30 minutes to play around with whatever I am most interested in or excited about at the time.

The day before yesterday it was reading, yesterday it was goal-setting, and today it was setting up IFTTT [link] recipes for both my business and personal life.

The cool thing is that those 30 minutes are productive, varied, and enjoyable.

What always ends up killing my routines is that they end up feeling like boring work. Adding this element gives me something new every day to look forward to. 

It is easy as a busy business owner to wake up, and then immediately think about your list of things you HAVE to do.


Sure, those things are important, but life is more fun when you have some time to play around with whatever is most interesting to you at that time (whether or not it is prudent to spend your time on that).

Because as a pretty ADHD person with an impressively short attention span, I find that I get extremely interested in random things all of the time…but unfortunately they are almost NEVER what I should actually be doing at the time.

Invest in yourself

There is a concept out of Rich Dad, Poor Dad that goes something like spend your money on yourself first (or something like that – don’t yell at me I know I am misquoting!).

Honestly I always thought it was a counter-intuitive and largely unhelpful principle (I would always rather invest profits back into my business first – or maybe that is considered “myself”?) but I really love this principle when it comes to investments of time.

You should always invest your time in yourself first.

What does that mean?

Say you have an 8 hour/day job. Rather than having your primary focus being to invest 8 hours of your time and a large portion of your energy into your job/business FIRST, instead take the time to invest in YOURSELF first.

This includes taking the time to make sure you are healthy, happy, and balanced before you worry about your obligations.

This can also mean reading an interesting book, learning more about your craft, setting up some systems in your business or life that will save you time later, reviewing your goals/purpose/vision, or evening watching an inspiring youtube video.

Because inspiration and knowledge, my friends, pays dividends.

Results: 603 words

Progress: -11%

Lessons learned: I tried to add some formatting as I went, but this interrupted my flow and slowed things down considerably.

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