Life Books: The Top 50(ish) Books That Made Me Who I Am Today

These are books they changed my life, often just because of a single lightbulb that went of by being exposed to the right idea at the right time. That same light bulb may or may not go off for you, or might have already gone off for you ten years ago.

  1. Deep Work
    To be awesome and do awesome things, you need extreme focus and to avoid interruptions, which is increasingly difficult and rare nowadays
  2. Ego is the Enemy
  3. Hardwiring Happiness
  4. The 4 Hour Work Week
  5. The 4 Hour Body
  6. The Pumpkin Plan
  7. Traction: Get a Grip  On Your Business
  8. Profit First
  9. Grit
  10. The Obstacle is the Way
  11. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck
  12. Peak
  13. Money: Master The Game
  14. Thinking, Fast and Slow
  15. Bigger Leaner Stronger
  16. The Quantum and the Lotus
  17. Mastery by Robert Greene
  18. The Art of Happiness
  19. The Dalai Lama’s Book of Wisdom
  20. Search Inside Yourself
  21. Essentialism by Greg Mckeown
  22. The Power of Full Engagemnet
  23. Getting everything you can out of all you’ve got
  24. Happiness by Matthew Ricard
  25. Think and grow rich
  26. The 7 habits of highly effective people
  27. Learned Optimism
  28. Secrets of power negotiating
  29. The art of learning
  30. The effective executive
  31. The psychology of inlfuencer
  32. How to win friends and influence people
  33. Think long – why it’s never too late to be great
  34. Mindset: the new psychology of success
  35. Give and Take by Adam Grant
  36. Unlimited Power
  37. Dotcom Secrets
  38. Less Doing, More Living
  39. Play: How is shapes the brain…
  40. Stumbling on Happiness
  41. Goals! by Brian Tracey
  42. Anything you want by Derek Sivers
  43. Positive Intellgience
  44. Fluent in 3 Months
  45. Never eat alone
  46. Body by science
  47. Daring Greatly
  48. Trust me I’m lying
  49. Leaders eat last
  50. Pain free (egoscue)
  51. zero to one
  52. Man’s search for meaning
  53. Sex at dawn
  54. Smartcuts
  55. Daily rituals
  56. The compoung effect
  57. Vagabonding