MYE 070: 5 Life Stories From 5 Awesome Entrepreneurs

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This week we have a special episode looking back at the starting point of the careers of five great entrepreneurs that we’ve had on the show, getting some inspiration with success stories that maybe seemed like big leaps at the time, always involving some risk and uncertainties; what some people call luck is just opportunity meeting preparation.

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ep70-5-life-stories-from-5-awesome-entrepreneurs2016-04-05acr_480Listen to this episode to find out:

  • How Graham Brown got started teaching english, dreading coming to an “office life”
  • How Jeremy Ginsburg focused on doing exclusively what he loves, and figured out how to live an entreteiner lifestyle in Vietnam
  • How David Anderson leveraged his marketing skills coming from a regular job to consulting and helping people to close a lot of sales
  • How Phil Ebiner started doing online courses to make a little passive income on the side but with a lot of work and commitment it turned into a successful business
  • How Keith Perhac took a chance becoming a consultant to one single client instead of turning into a corporate worker after a big acquisition

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