MYE Marketing Apprenticeship (Location-Independent Position)

UPDATE: No longer accepting applications. We got 26 awesome applications from 10+ different countries. Thanks everyone! 😀

Once you are location-independent you'll try to work like this a couple times then realize how impractical it is ;-)

Once you are location-independent you’ll try to work like this a couple times then realize how impractical it is 😉

facebook page profileI’m looking for a fast-learning and self-motivated individual who is interested in becoming a core component of my fast-growing online course creation and marketing company, Monetize Your Expertise.

Your primary role will be creating/overseeing various elements of marketing for MYE and also for our clients. This means you will be responsible for creating marketing funnels, using email marketing tools (creating an autoresponder in Active Campaign, for example), basic web design (using primarily Clickfunnels and WordPress to create simple pages), and testing everything to make sure it works. If you are not a total expert in ALL of these areas, don’t worry, keep reading.

You will also be corresponding with clients via email directly to assess their needs as well as overseeing/reviewing other marketing initiatives by other members of our team. This job will require attention to detail, flexibility, organization, self-motivation, and a passion for learning.

What’s in it for you?
This internship is a great opportunity to get the “behind the scenes” look at what it takes to serve clients in a location independent online course creation and marketing company. If you’re just looking for a way to make some extra cash, the pay probably won’t be worth it for you. However, if you are interested in world-class training on being a professional course creator, web design, creating effective sales copy, and the ins and outs of email marketing and marketing funnels, this job is a great way to do that, and make some money to compensate for the time commitment (see stipend rate below).


  • Work when, how, and where you want, including traveling.
  • Plenty of training available. If you’re interested in getting your hands into other parts of the business, such as video editing or Photoshop, I’m happy to help you develop new skills.
  • Experience with widely-used software in the location independent (and non-location independent) business world, including Active Campaign, Clickfunnels, Mailchimp, WordPress, Asana, Slack, Optinmonster and others.
  • For a qualified individual, there is room for growth in the company.


  • You will be working 15 hours a week, every week.
  • You will be producing specific deliverables every week.
  • Creating marketing funnels for MYE and clients
  • Setting up email marketing, autoresponders, etc.
  • Making changes to WordPress websites.
  • Creating sales/email copy. (If you don’t know much about this, I can teach you.)
  • Corresponding with clients directly via email or project management software.
  • Note: we have existing frameworks/instructions for most of these, but existing skills in each area is important

Things You Need to Know

Here are the things you need to know up front:

  • I only hire 100% fluent English speakers.
  • You don’t need to be a professional marketer/web designer/copywriter to apply for this opportunity. I have pretty specific guidelines for doing all of these, such that someone with decenter experience in things like wordpress, email marketing, etc can learn fairly quickly how to perform your responsibilities to Monetize Your Expertise standards.
  • There is a lot more to this position than existing skills. Dependability and responsiveness is more important to me than anything. I need a reasonable amount of communication. For example, not just getting a funnel created by the deadline but letting me know that everything is taken care of (“Yes, I can take this assignment.”). On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d take a dependable apprentice who is an 8 over an unresponsive apprentice who is a 10 any day.
  • You will often have to adapt to using new tools and new functionality within given tools (ie you must be self-motivated and able to self-teach certain things) because clients vary from project to project

The internship comes with a stipend of [removed – see current position details for latest number] to offset your time investment to start.

As you grow into the company, become better trained, take on more responsibilities, and we start hitting certain target metrics, compensation will also grow with you.

This job is for you if you:

  • Are a perfectionist when it comes to producing quality results (email autoresponder with no typos, marketing funnels set up and thoroughly tested, etc.)
  • Have experience with web design, copywriting, marketing funnels
  • Have strong online research skills on topics that are new to you.
  • Are very organized and never miss deadlines or emails.
  • Have a learning-focused attitude. I’m less interested in what you know or have experience with than I am in your attitude and ability to adapt to new situations.
  • (Bonus) you have video editing skills or you live in a timezone that aligns well with mine in Asia.

People who would probably not find this opportunity interesting or rewarding:

  • People who only check their email once a week and respond to it once a month.
  • People who can only do work “when they are inspired.” Inspiration is overrated.
  • People who like to do marketing/copywriting but aren’t into researching topics with which they are unfamiliar, or get stuck when they have to figure out something new
  • People in it just for the money. This is for someone growth-oriented.


What are things I might be working on in a typical day?

Is this a long-term position?

Yes – after an initial test period, ideally this is a longer term position where you receive continual training and improvement to your skills.

I live in ___________ (X country) [or] I travel a lot. Can I apply?

Yup, I don’t care where you live as long as you can meet the deadlines and you have what it takes to do great work! We love to travel too!

How much work will I be committing to?

15 hours/week

I’m a student/I have another job. Can I apply?

Yes, if you have 15 hours of focused work available to you every single week, I think this would be a great gig for university students to learn what they like, to develop marketing skills, and add something unique to their resume.

About Monetize Your Expertise:

Here are MYE, we are passionate about working with experts to help them impact as many people as possible with their message. Democratizing education, and making the world a better-educated place. We are a mobile team that supports the creation/marketing of online courses and related materials for our own brand and for clients. We also have a community of online instructors.

Make A Difference:

Many experts in various industries have extremely useful skill sets and knowledge, but often struggle to break into offering these things online. That is where MYE comes in. Supporting people all over the world to better monetize their expertise through helping others with their knowledge.

The Experience:

1981fa7Working with Grant has been a great experience. Not only do I get to work from home and on my own time–which has also taught me a lot of self-motivation and time management–but I’ve also learned what it’s like to start your own business, and how to best go about it. Grant’s also super kind, flexible, and he helps/teaches you as much as possible so that you get as much out of the experience as possible.” – Digne




Before you apply please read how to get hired by a location independent business

Shoot a quick 1 minute video of yourself, explaining why you think you are a good fit for MYE and this position. Some things you can talk about:

  1. What interests you most about this position?
  2. Are you an aspiring location independent entrepreneur? (it is ok if you are not) What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?
  3. What experiences or skills qualify you for the position?
  4. What’s your current lifestyle? Do you live in the US, abroad, work part-time, work full-time, student, etc.? We want to make sure you can support yourself since this is a part-time apprenticeship.

Submit this Google form including the link to your video:

After reviewing your application, if you look like a good fit then we will be going through some initial assessment tasks designed to further test your suitability for this position.

P.S. Nearly every new position or opportunity I have available in my business I share on The Worldly Blend. If you never want to miss out on one of these opportunities, sign up here to be notified in the future.

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