MYE 048: International Comedian & Entreperformer on Monetizing Creativity and Performing in a Second Language, with Jeremy Ginsburg

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In this episode, Grant talks with Jeremy Ginsburg – a comic, writer, traveller, language learner, entreperformer and overall great guy about the different way that he manages to work online while appearing on vietnamese TV shows, doing standup comedy, writing and improving himself daily.

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  • How Jeremy got started playing guitar in Vietnam
  • His view on going in a different way other than the most common online businesses
  • How he broke away from “starving artist” mode to do multiple sources of income
  • How getting famous played a role in his path to success
  • His experience being a poster child for all foreigners in a vietnamese love reality TV show
  • Tips to understand a tonal language better
  • Different challenges and strategies that an unconventional path brings
  • The pressure that a self-contract can impose on your mindset
  • How having a few different creative endeavours can balance your creative flow
  • How being a foreigner can be liberating so you’ll find your passion easier

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