MYE 081: How To Legally Pay Zero Taxes Even If You’re American – Stewart Patton

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Stewart was a partner at one of the most prestigious Chicago law firms until the grind of always coming and going from home at night finally got to him and he opened his own practice, providing regular people with the same tax services that big corporations have at their disposal. He went against the “Tax Gurus” you find online by creating his own tax course where people can learn the different kinds of tax brackets there are, what are thebest countries to incorporate, what income means and much more.

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Listen to this episode to find out:

  • How To Legally Pay Zero Taxes Img
    The importance of always moving forward
  • How making quick decisions is better than overanalyzing
  • How a well-made course can help you regain your voice in a misrepresented market
  • How your course can bring you clients who can’t afford your full service
  • The difference between paying your taxes properly or paying poorly with a fee
  • The distinction between self-employed and non-US company schemes
  • The bad ideas that tax people online have been propagating
  • The best countries to open your corporation in

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