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post_images-podcastIn this introductory episode meet your host, Grant Weherley, author of Break the System and the Monetize Your Expertise program.

In this podcast Grant shares strategies for turning knowledge into income. He speaks with experts in a wide variety of industries who are leveraging the revolution in online learning to turn their expertise in a business which allows them to create passive income doing what they love. The Monetize Your Expertise Podcast covers premium courses, bootcamps, membership communities, eBooks, e-learning platforms like, podcasting, and all other ways industry leaders are building authority and turning expertise into a product. Grant specializes in not just creating online courses and products, but also using these products to automatically market each other. If you have ever wanted to build a course or monetize your expertise in any field, listen to Monetize Your Expertise Podcast.

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Listen to this episode to find out:

    • His story and why he’s passionate about learning, teaching, influence and being a recognized expert
    • Why he created this podcast
    • The podcast’s valuable message
    • What you can expect from the show each week
    • The two types of episodes you’ll get each week
    • What it means to be an expert and how you can use your skills to pay the bills

People on this episode:

    • Grant Weherley

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