Reflecting on 2015: Progress Made and What’s Next in 2016

reflecting on 2015

I have learned that without taking the time to reflect and learn from experiences, you miss out on a huge opportunity for growth, and also a chance to stop and appreciate the positive things that have happened. Here is my year in review, and what I plan for the next year.

Accomplishments/Reflections on 2015:

– Even though things were going well, I felt a bit aimless and without clear direction around 1 year ago

– Like every year, I have made great progress at becoming a better, wiser, more confident person

– Proud of the things I did to intentionally accomplish those things

– Created a more intentional personal brand, and also a stronger business brand (people are formally referring it by acronym, score!)

– Launched a podcast

– Got a ton better at sales, networking, marketing, organization, project management, hiring, management, etc. Got better at pretty much everything business related.

– Learned enough brazillian Juijitsui to be able to tap out purple belts

– Hit 195 lbs (mostly muscle) while increasing bench/squat/deadlift by 30-50%

– Got no’s for like 100 awesome things, such as pitching Seth Godin (and also yes’s to a lot of awesome audacious things too)

– Team grew by 100% (and another 100% soon) and this corresponded with about 150% growth in revenue

In a nutshell, I am happy that I grew a ton (by failing a ton, woo!), and feel like I finally made the formal transition away from a just getting started, “do random things” entrepreneur, to one with a clear plan, direction, and focus, who makes consistent progress.

For 2016….

Business Goals/Metrics:

– Invest in myself least 70k /year (Interestingly, this relates more to asset allocation than to an actual increase in revenue – I tend to live simply and invest 100% in my business, but this year I want to invest a bit more in my personal growth and happiness)

– Fulfilment of client services 100% automated, sales 75% automated

– <20 hours/week of “grinding” work, rest of time on “growth” or “inspired” work

– Grow email list to 10k subscribers

– Work with at least 1-3 “slightly famous” clients on their courses

– Connect (and help if possible, even for free) with at least 3 “legit famous” entrepreneurs. Example, Seth Godin, Russell Brunson, Leo Baboata, etc.

Bucket List Items:

– Learn how to use a DJ table and make my own edm/dubstep remix that I can work to

– Compete in an official arts match (probably MMA or BJJ)

– Apply to speak at TedX in at least 2 locations

– Finally get rid of persistent back/neck pain that I’ve had since 14 (lots of progress but still a ways to go)


– Go one week without complaining or experiencing significant anxiety (I stress about stuff more than I would like)

– Grow to the point I can confidently say I exhibit all of these strengths on at least a semi-regular basis (by practicing the ones I suck at): 

– Become conversationally fluent in Spanish

– Become not terrible at singing – criteria is to not be embarassed to sing in public

– Learn hip hop dancing/b-boying

– Adjust schedule so that I can consistently work out 3 times/week without feeling rushed, stressed, or work out

– 30 minutes meditation daily (never falling off track for more than a week)


– Visit Colombia, Cuba, and Brasil (there will probably be more but that is the starting list)

– Capoiera and BJJ in Brasil

– Salsa in Colombia and Cuba

Now your turn! What is your #1 biggest lesson learned from the past year? The number one thing you are most excited about for the next year?

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  1. Shayna
    Shayna says:

    Great review, Grant!

    I hear ya on the “transition away from a just getting started, “do random things” entrepreneur, to one with a clear plan, direction, and focus, who makes consistent progress.” – feel like I’m in the same place. I don’t think I fully realized it until I read my journal entries from 12-15 months ago and saw how unsure I was about everything.

    Let me know if you make it to Salvador. I might be leaving Brazil in 2016, but nothing’s confirmed yet, so I could still be around.

    • Grant Weherley
      Grant Weherley says:

      I know what you mean! Good to hear I am not the only one 🙂

      Doing random things is such a sneaky one – you really don’t realize it at the time, but then looking back it becomes so clear how all over the place you really were. I suppose at the time I explain it as “experimentation” but looking back it is usually more like “lack of planning/direction!”

      Another thing I think is interesting is that externally, people tell me sometimes how much it looks like I have a clear direction, and they don’t (and the usually ask how to figure it out). And then I laugh and think – I really don’t know, I am still figuring it out! I think lack of a clear direction/focus/purpose is something that plagues most people from time to time, and the only way to get out of it is to just stuff….until you figure it out 🙂

      Nice! will absolutely let you know – the exact dates are a bit up in the air for things at the moment, but tentatively should be in Colombia in about a month, and then I imagine I will take some trips once per month after that (including Brazil/Cuba)


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