MYE 062: Nootropics, Tong-twisters – 4 Tools and Resources

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There’s a whole new category of mental supplements now called nootropics, claiming to make you smarter, have better memory and enhance your cognitive functions overall; in this episode Grant explains some of the different types, interesting facts and great resources to check out including websites for analysis and ordering, a great expert on the topic and a very deep, introspective exercise to analyse you own mental crutches.

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Listen to this episode to find out:62

  • What are nootropics
  • The different types of nootropics and why they’re not quite “drugs”
  • A great website to check out unbiased nootropic data
  • Grant’s favourite website to order the supplements
  • A very interesting fact about the powerhouse drug Modafinil
  • What are the nootropics that Grant has been taking

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