What I am doing now:

  • Working with high level brands and influencers to build their online courses – want to talk about your course project? Click here
  • For example working with people like Peter, Nigel, and Keith, as well as some larger organizations to create their training materials
  • Establishing MYE as the go-to, world-class provider of done-for-you courses and training
  • Get us featured in top-notch publications / media – including Tedx talk, publish a book about our process, speak at conferences, and get us featured in places like Forbes, BusinessInsider, etc.
  • Building partnerships with top-tier organizations with complimentary services, such as book publishing companies, corporate consultants / training companies, etc
  • Expanding the value of client projects (in terms of value delivered and price charged, for example by moving more into corporate training and working with larger organizations)
  • Achieve our organizational goals of hitting 7 figures within the next 18 months, by expanding our capacity to handle 2 projects per week
  • Breaking into new markets (corporate training, training for SaaS companies, the Spanish-speaking market, etc.)
  • Explore recurring revenue into my business by offering additional (monthly) services for our clients, such as LMS setup / hosting / maintenance
  • Optimizing every day for personal growth (becoming a better person) by spending more time in gratitude, meditation, and doing things for others
  • Improving my Spanish until I can spend one full day speaking and writing nothing but Spanish
  • Working towards hitting 500 lbs on squat and deadlift, and 400 lbs for benchpress
  • Spending more time every day in deep work on the above initiatives, and ignoring everything else (practicing saying no unless it is a “fuck yes“)

Unfortunately, if your request does not fall into one of these projects, I may not be able to help at this time. Nothing personal, and feel free to circle back at a later time.

My Primary Why: Personal and Spiritual Growth / Learning

“Why” Concept inspired by https://sivers.org/why

Last Update: June 16, 2017

Inspired by http://nownownow.com/about


Previous Entries

January 24, 2015

  • Narrowing my focus, so that I only work on transformative tasks in my business – and less and less on the day to day
  • Scaling Monetize Your Expertise (the podcast and other things) by producing more high-quality content, and expanding my team and growing their expertise
  • Building better systems and shock-absorbers into my business
  • Working with high level brands and influencers to help them with their courses
  • Producing regular, high quality content through my blog, podcast, webinars, and more
  • Helping SaaS companies reduce churn by incorporating online courses into their products
  • Creating presence and balance mentally and emotionally in order to do more great things
  • Relocating to South America to give myself culture shock again and so I can learn spanish (finally)