What I am doing now:

  • Working with high level brands and influencers to help them with their courses
  • For example working with people like Peter, Nigel, and Keith, as well as some larger organizations to create their training materials
  • Expanding the value of client projects (in terms of value delivered and price charged, for example by moving more into corporate training and working with larger organizations)
  • Refining the system of delivery for our projects so that every client gets an reliably exceptional experience every single time, and using this system of delivery to break into new marketing (corporate training, training for SaaS companies, the Spanish-speaking market, etc.)
  • Building recurring revenue into my business by offering additional (monthly) services for our clients, such as LMS setup / hosting / maintenance
  • Becoming conversationally fluent in Spanish while in South America
  • Optimizing every day for personal growth (becoming a better person) by spending more time in gratitude, meditation, and doing things for others
  • Spending more time every day in deep work on the above initiatives, and ignoring everything else (practicing saying no unless it is a “fuck yes“)

Unfortunately, if your request does not fall into one of these projects, I may not be able to help at this time. Nothing personal, and feel free to circle back at a later time.

My Primary Why: Personal and Spiritual Growth / Learning

“Why” Concept inspired by https://sivers.org/why

Last Update: Jan 2, 2017

Inspired by http://nownownow.com/about


Previous Entries

January 24, 2015

  • Narrowing my focus, so that I only work on transformative tasks in my business – and less and less on the day to day
  • Scaling Monetize Your Expertise (the podcast and other things) by producing more high-quality content, and expanding my team and growing their expertise
  • Building better systems and shock-absorbers into my business
  • Working with high level brands and influencers to help them with their courses
  • Producing regular, high quality content through my blog, podcast, webinars, and more
  • Helping SaaS companies reduce churn by incorporating online courses into their products
  • Creating presence and balance mentally and emotionally in order to do more great things
  • Relocating to South America to give myself culture shock again and so I can learn spanish (finally)