MYE 069: Scaling an Online Course Business, with Espresso English Course Creator Shayna Oliveira

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Shayna Oliveira had her love to capoeira bring her over to Brazil where she got engaged and stayed, until harsh socio-economic conditions made her think outside the box to improve her income and that became one of the must successful english teaching businesses around; in this episode she talks about how she started with just with a blog, the challenges of teaching over email, market saturation for online language courses, real strategies to grow your course audience, developing a relationship with your email list and disembarking the “worry roller coaster”.

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Shayna OliveiraListen to this episode to find out:

  • The challenging aspects of teaching another language online
  • How to set your marketing material realistically to attract more people
  • The profile of people who look for online english courses
  • What’s her outlook about market saturation for english courses
  • Two great options to grow your course after you’re done making and publishing it
  • How she dealt with the challenges of marketing a course ethically
  • How it’s important to know that course building is a long term business
  • The key to developing a relationship with your email list
  • An important perspective about cutting people out of your email list
  • How to deal with the monthly income fluctuations

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