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Use your expertise to create authority, income, and an audience around your topic…from scratch!

Building online courses to share your knowledge and expertise with the world is a wonderful thing, but the truth is that it is hard.

In fact, it can feel extremely overwhelming at time. Not only are you responsible for creating excellent content, you need to build a platform to offer the course, you have to set up dozens of marketing channels to make sure your course actually sells, and you need to create systems that ensures all of this runs smoothly and doesn’t break in the middle of the night. And that is just to name a few things.

As an online course expert, I’ve worked with many first-time instructors to create full-time incomes, to build their existing business, and also just to create some automatic income on the side. I’ve also worked with established entrepreneurs who needed to revamp their existing courses and content to take things to the next level.

No matter where you fall on this spectrum, through teaming up with me you can rest assured you’ll be launching your online course empire successfully, and quickly.

Danny Ivy

“The conversation with Grant was fascinating, and enlightening. My mind is buzzing with ideas that I want to implement in the next several months – thanks, Grant!”

Danny IvyFirepole Marketing

How I Can Help

People often reach out to me for help with…

  • Validating a product idea, selling it BEFORE its release
  • Best practices of content creation to create irresistible content
  • Marketing strategies and implementation to ensure the course sells
  • Optimizing the platform and delivery of your course
  • How to set up evergreen systems for course delivery and marketing
Bodhi Horne

“Talking with Grant is one of the smartest things an online instructor can do. At virtually any phase of course creation/ launch, Grant has valuable overview of what’s next and how to optimize it. He appears to me as a great guy who’s rightly positioned as the go-to expert.”


Bodhi Horne

How You Can Work With Me

Packages (Starting at just 900 USD)

Package 1:
• 2 Coaching Sessions
• Customized launch and marketing plan

Package 2:
• 2 Coaching Sessions
• Customized launch and marketing plan
• Marketing funnel setup for your course
• Email Support – answering questions and critiquing your course (within reason)

Package 3:
• 2 Coaching Sessions
• Customized launch and marketing plan
• Marketing funnel setup
• Email Support – answering questions and critiquing your course (within reason)
• Entire website and content delivery system created for you

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(If you are dissatisfied for any reason, you can get a 100% refund, no questions asked after the first session)

Here’s What Others Are Saying…

Brian Jordan

“Grant gave me excellent actionable advice on my courses. I came out of our chat with actionable steps to improve the course experience with minimal extra time investment. If you’re looking to teach a course online or help re-work an existing Udemy course, signing up with Grant is a no-brainer. Thanks Grant!”


Brian Jordan
Logan Bean

“I can vouch for Grant. He’s been helping out on my course and its been going great! I woke up this morning to tons of sales that had taken place over night. Nothing like making sales while you’re sleeping.”

Logan BeanMakeTheRightVideo
Russell Smith

“Grant really hooked me up in this phone call. The biggest problem for me is just knowing where to start with creating a course – Grant went through the steps with me and set me on course. So grateful for your time Grant, and thanks for all the solid info!”


Russell Smith