New Adventures, Getting Sick and Getting Acclimated

ANT INFESTATION. In my bed on my towels. Butthole ants…

Ordered my second of my weekly massages. I feel like such a douche getting these. I get them because my back kills me after day after day stooped over a laptop, but it still feels unnaturally indulgent for me, especially when I have to ask the staff here to order them – a service that while it only costs 10 bucks, is still two days pay for them.

It’s the same feeling I had in first class, or when I’m at some kind of dinner ceremony event with 17 forks – I just feel reeeeally out of place even as I enjoy it.

Starting to feel comfortable negotiating cab fairs, and finding where to buy what I’m looking for in town (very difficult sometimes). Getting contact solution was a b&@# and took like two trips into town lol.
In other news just found a gym that is 1 dollar per day or 3 per week, and got a bottle of rum for two bucks. An entire shopping trip cost me like 25 bucks total, splurging.

Oh and tropical fever is totally a thing. I think that’s why summer flings happen and not winter flings.

You know in a lot of ways I’m surprised this business I’m working for has succeeded. There’s no road to the resort (it’s being fixed) there’s no parking lot, and you have to take a bus then boat, then tricycle taxi to get here lol. AND it’s in a relatively rural area. Kind of a mystery.

It’s amazing the opportunities that come your way when you are just genuinely nice and sociable. I have a free place to stay when I’m visiting another city this week, I just got invited to several other places as well. I feel like I could travel half this country and already know someone.

No soap in the medical center…and the toilet doesn’t flush…LOL

Although their medical system doesn’t exactly rock – most stuff doesn’t need an RX and when I needed one, it took me only 10 bucks and 20 minutes to get RX written and filled and most of that was walking to dr office. Instead of like 2 hours sitting in an office and 25 dollars in the us for the exact same thing!

50 cent halo halo – hell yeah 🙂

Sleepy day. I’m too relaxed here. I don’t feel productive so I naturally fight with myself to get more done. Maybe it’s because I drink less caffeine. Still trying to decide whether fighting or enjoying the relaxation is the right way to go. Maybe I should just make sure I do one big thing each day and stop sweating the small stuff.

Given the heat and poverty level I automatically expected that people would tend to smell bad or be unclean. I totally failed to account for that fact that Asians don’t usually have BO as much as Caucasians (lucky bastards) and they are fond of perfume and cologne here so they actually smell better ironically 🙂

Going through transportation areas is confusing as hell because EVERYONE screams at me trying to sell me absolutely everything while ignoring all the Filipinos. As an introvert it’s way too much. But good practice handling stressful situations.  ……..and while writing this an ice cream cart pulled over to ask me (out of a crowd of people while I was facing the other way) if I wanted ice cream hahah. While I’m semi-bitching… let me just stop and say I just got water coffee and pork caldreta for 3 dollars total haha


So the whole being a white god thing….I just spent two days being treated like royalty by a family I met once and they also told me over and over again that I looked like handsome Jesus (whaaaat?). Seems like it’s almost literally true that you get seen that way in moments like this. Although in reality I think it’s more that they are super nice, I was nice to them, and they are just slightly more interested because I am white (and one of the girls has a crush on me). They literally told me “we are always here for you – you are part of our family now :)”. It is crazy awesome.

Did I mention they gave up their bed (they insisted)and all slept on the floor, gave me a shirt, cooked for me, and drove me around to see things. They are so insanely nice!


The dogs here are freaking smart. They cross the street without dying which is a feat I can barely manage in this country

So the speaker of the graduation event I am attending with their family just came over and wanted to get to know me. As he gave his speech, he not only gave me an open shoutout in the beginning of his speech to a huge auditorium of Filipinos (hi grant and I am proud of him and what he is doing in the philipines etc). But he also seemed very nervous and started crying at one point. But it was in Tagalog so I have no idea wtf just happened I just felt so uncomfortable!!!! OMG I am way too introverted to be a celebrity.

Had some drinks with Germans. It’s funny how the white people here always invite me to have a drink with them and whatnot but never ask the Filipino staff. In fact they are often kind of rude to them but super nice to me 🙁 I could never be rude to these people who are doing so much random stuff for me all the time: cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.



Another gender reversal: in the states guys tend to have wandering eyes even if they are in a relationship. Here there are so many girls who are with their man (usually their old white guy man) but they still often look around if you know what I mean. On that topic it seems like only the saggy old rich white guys here get the girls who are freaking gorgeous. Girls usually fall into 4 categories here in puerto Galera in my experience so far: hot and with an old rich guy, a hooker, super young (like 18) and/or married with children (even very young).

Ok so apparently international shipping does work, but they tried to charge me 40 bucks for customs or something? Wtf – that was the price of what I bought!

I keep meeting cool people from new countries. Yesterday, Belgium guy bought me a beer. Then two Germans. Today, some awesome Bulgarian girls!

So apparently I’ve finally hit a bad patch of water or something. I feel like someone has been stabbing me in the stomach the past two days.

Had my first MMA lesson – lots to learn, but I can tell I’m really going to like this. Super cool.Makes me feel like a ninja! And hopefully since it’s a physical activity like dance I can pick it up pretty quickly. It’s surprisingly simple though, a couple basic ideas and patterns of movement to build off of. Like today, during just 1 hour I learned (in theory) how to block almost every type of striking attack with 3 basic movements.  So excited to get good at this. He was also showing me some really cool defensive counters. Like if I jabbed at him he blocked and showed how he could elbow me in the face and punch me in the balls all pretty much instantly before you know what happened. Makes boxing seem a little simplistic and inferior vs someone with martial arts experience.

So apparently my meeting with the owner is not happening today because he got attacked by the chief of the coast gaurd here (they were both drunk). Something about the generator being loud, holding a gun up to him, Sean recording it on the phone, then the guy hitting him in the face with a bottle and throwing the phone in the ocean. Holy crap. [note: later found that Sean did provoke the situation to some extent]

Bleh! This is getting to be an annoying week. I suppose there’s shitty weeks all over the world…but this week: still have a stye, have been sick/weak/exhausted most of this week from some bad water, it’s cloudy and rainy and gross, and the power keeps going out the (literally) second I sit down to work! Gah!

So I found out that the medicine I was taking was what was making me feel exhausted and kind of depressed! Stopped taking it.

It’s interesting to talk to westerners vs Filipinos. Americans, Bulgarians, Dutch, etc are all like what is there to DO around here. What do you DO all day, it’s boring, etc. Like night clubs or a concert or I’m not even sure what. Vs Filipinos who are more concerned with just existing and being with their families. My philosophy is somewhere in the middle, geared towards experiences, but not the comsumerism type ones.

Sleeping in the “laundry room” ok it’s not really that. They call it that because it’s next to the laundry area. Really hot up here – no air con. But it’s better than sleeping out in the main area on the floor (the resort is full). Mary gave me her room to go room with the other girls because she is so nice and knew I am sick 🙂

Took a walk on the beach…with a gay dude. I went for a walk and he literally chased me down to walk with me (a little inside my personal bubble). He was nice though even after I told him (a couple times) that I’m straight. He showed me a video of him swimming like a mermaid.

Considering the nearest places to have fun here are 1) a beautiful beach with tons of gay dudes or 2) a city basically filled with prostitutes. Too Many of my stories might relate back to these things, which is more a reflection of geography than personal preference. This is Holy Week, which is when everyone is on vacation and at that beach. So I went there during the day and at night. During the day: walk along the beach, had a random YouTube interview on the beach. I think what they were doing is pretending to do a normal interview while quickly flirting with me in Tagalog to be funny. I thought it was super random and interesting situation so I didn’t mind even though I was aware. Walking down that beach i’d literally have groups of gay dudes pretending to feint as I walk past, try to call me over, or start walking with me.

Later that night I went back with a big group of girls (as protection) to what I’d call a big gay rave. It was fun and they had some crazy fire acts (I have video) but I was reeeeeally glad to have a shield so I didn’t get harassed. Just lots of picture requests with random people and that feeling of everyone staring at you as you walk through a crowd (because they are!). Wallet fell out of my pocket though 🙁

My favorite picture from this week

My favorite picture from this week

oh and I forgot, I got a really good salsa dance in with a random friend of the owner who is quite good and fun to dance with! She’s also super attractive with an awesome personality but taken.

I’m realizing I lost a ton of weight last week being sick. No wonder i was so exhausted.

That’s it. Officially setting a new routine- getting up extra early and getting all work done. Too many distractions midday and at night. For example, within 30 minutes last night, offers to 1) have a beer with owner, 2) come with these crazy Russian girls (and the biggest Filipino guy I’ve ever seen) to go to the party city, and 3) have brandy with a circle of funny/goofy filipinas in their mid thirties. I went with 3 and it was lots of fun. One of the girls was the professional dancer – she asked me if I wanted to put on a performance here with her – that sounds like fun! Also our impromptu dancing is going on their big resort YouTube channel here haha. Fun.

It is hard NOT to make friends here. Went for a walk on the beach, and the mere act of asking to borrow some sunscreen resulted in tons of pictures, invitations back to drink with them, and a girl who works as a police officer to make lots of jokes as using her handcuffs to keep me – ha!

So this life is the most extreme practice of 1) being more sociable (all the time) as an introvert and 2) screening opportunities/saying no. Right now there are two groups of people I could be hanging out with tonight drinking but instead I’m going to sleep early. I always find saying no to stuff like that hard when the people are cool, so this is good practice. I think it’s hard and most people have trouble with it. But in a place of excess supply, it’s logical to become selective. I find having a mindset of scarcity forces bad impulsive decisions, while viewing things in infinite supply promotes more wise action.

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