MYE 079: Business Noob –> to Premium Marketing Provider in 6 Months Flat, with Scott Schneider

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Scott saw his field of work as a chemical salesman declining and decided to become an SEO expert, bringing businesses to the top of Google’s search results; he started offering his services for free to get his feet on the door and to show customers what he was capable of, then mastered and wrote down SOPs to streamline and grow his business; in this episode he talks about automating his ventures, choosing your approach to get started with SEO (ignoring it was a big mistake for him), diving into the subject you want to master obsessively to get quicker results and increasing your own level on the market by getting in touch with leaders on your field and other extremely knowledgeable people.

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  • How to get started on any industry online by contacting influencers
  • A way to improve businesses from inside out by mastering its processes
  • The philosophy of becoming so good that people want to work with you
  • How to leverage LinkedIn recommendations to position yourself as an expert
  • How to define your approach to getting into SEO
  • Increasing your level of importance by association with other people
  • What are the basic SEO techniques to implement to get your ranks up
  • How to know if you’re doing well with your SEO and a tip for hiring people to do it

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