MYE 073: Starting a Business at Age 12 (Then Losing Everything) With Karl Kangur

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From the age of 12 Karl Kangur has been fascinated with search engine optimisation and how the internet works so he started helping other teenage bloggers with their rankings on Google, but as he grew he switched to a more long-term business strategy to focus on businesses that make a difference in other people’s lives, creating material specialising in monetised blogging while living the digital nomad lifestyle in Thailand.

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Starting-a-Business-at-Age-12Listen to this episode to find out:

  • How someone gets started at twelve years old with their online business
  • The importance of a good balance between business and studying
  • How setting his mindset to a goal of living abroad prepared him for it even when plan A failed
  • How fully controlling your own time is important to success
  • The perils of information overload, and taking care of your information diet
  • How important it is to keep focus when you’re learning online just like you would at a college
  • How keeping your near and mid-term goals in focus might cause you to pass an opportunity

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